Husband and wife laughing on bed after a pillow fight.

How It Works

Funding an adoption is difficult, and we're here to help in a new and effective way. Here are the four simple steps to help you raise funds for your current adoption!

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Learn how to make your efforts a success

We'll be in touch to begin giving you some direction and getting to know you. We'll prepare you for your upcoming fundraiser.


Begin promoting the fundraiser

We'll provide custom graphics and a unique code that you can share online with your friends and family. Any purchases they make will be tied to your account.


Get paid!

Once all product ships, we'll write you a check for 50% of the gross profits of all sales that used your code.

Fundraising Potential

We will work with you to establish a sales target and assist you in promoting the product. Here are three examples of potential payouts.

Example One
2 Mattresses (coming soon!)
2 Pillow Sets
Example Two
10 Sheet Sets
3 Pillow Sets
3 Toppers
Example Three
5 Mattresses
5 Pillow Sets
5 Sheet Sets
* These examples are only estimates. Exact payouts depend on various factors like size selection, material selection, etc.

There is no limit to how much you can raise

All you need to do is share the opportunity with people you know. Since many individuals are searching for quality bedding, they will appreciate the chance to purchase the products they need while supporting your adoption efforts.

Get Started Today

We understand that the adoption process involves many steps. We have developed a straightforward solution for a significant part of it. With minimum effort, we believe you can make significant progress in your adoption fundraising.

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