Harper family laughing together in a living room. The kids are sitting on a couch, with the parents standing behind the couch looking down at the kids.

Helping families fund their adoptions through bedding sales…

Thredbed is family-owned, and our mission is at the forefront of all we do.

Founded in northeast Georgia by Dustin and Marlaina Harper, our goal is to combine our passion for adoption with Dustin’s decade of experience and knowledge in the mattress and furniture industry.

Our family was uniquely created through adoption, and we understand the daunting task of fundraising. Adoption is our passion; offering families a different way to help fund their adoptions is why we do what we do. It’s simple—adoptive parents sign up to fundraise with us. When people purchase any of our products using that family’s unique code when checking out, we donate 50% of the gross profits to the adoptive parents to help fund their adoption. Even if you buy our product without being connected to those fundraising with us, we will donate a portion of the gross profits to a family in the adoption process.

Child gripping red thread in hand.

What is the meaning of Thredbed?

According to ancient Eastern proverbs, there is an invisible red thread (Thred) that connects people who are destined to be together. As an adoptive family, we believe God has uniquely created our family and brought us together redemptively and beautifully.